• Follow staff requests, warnings and general DALnet network rules and IRC etiquette. 

  • No flooding. You are not to exceed 5 lines in 4 seconds.

  • No repeating of text. A maximum of 2 repeats is allowed.

  • No country/religion/gender/race bashing or harassment of users whatsoever. Any offensive behavior will result in a ban.

  • No channel/website/werver invites or advertising.

  • No teen/sex co-channels while in #Canada.

  • Do not use excessive uppercase letters (CAPs) since it is considered “shouting/yelling”.

  • We do not tolerate any overtly offensive nicknames or user ID’s.

  • Excessive clones are not allowed.

  • Auto greets are not allowed.

  • No op/voice begging. 

  • And last but not the least, have fun eh!

Please reach out to the Op staff ( Ava|on, s2pid, Valdstein, Pierced`Princess, SweetRedhead, tresfou, MadCatx & Walking_Corpse ) for queries and assistance.


Rules for #[email protected]